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Wild West The Sheriff

Wild West The Sheriff

Game Boy Jam game that uses game boy restrictions. It’s a western platform game, where you play as a sheriff of the town. Your mission is to capture all the bad bandits in the land and bring them to justice.



Wizard’s Spells

It a puzzle game where you connect the diamonds and use magic spells to help your wizard to win the game.

Available for sponsorship and other licensing deals

Down The Rabbit Hole

The game is physic based puzzle , where your task is to help the little rabbit to get to his hole and get home safe. You will be breaking objects, such as boxes, chains,and other to successfully get him to his home. Also you will have to collect some carrots.


Tiny Mice Love Cheese

It’s physics based puzzle game, where your mission is to lead your tiny mice to the cheese using directional triggers and physics. There are 4 worlds to complete with 15 levels in each world, ratings and a lot of achievements to unlock on your way.